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GACTE 2022-2026 Strategic Plan


The vision of GACTE is to advocate for career, technical, and agricultural education which is an integral part of the total education system of Georgia.  We empower members to deliver high quality CTAE experiences through strategic planning, public awareness, and career performance to cultivate a competitive workforce. 


The mission of GACTE is to equip our members with leadership opportunities to advance the following pillars:
Program Excellence and Professional Learning
Policy Activism
Public Relations
Purposeful Unification



Pillar I:  Program Excellence and Professional Learning


Goal 1-by FY 26, GACTE will increase professional learning opportunities from one to five per year.

Goal 2-by FY 26, GACTE will have a Quality Division Award Program. 


Pillar 2-Policy Activism


Goal 1-by FY26, create a process for delivering training and/or opportunities to CTAE teachers and administrators relative to policy activism in order to create a positive impact with elected officials (local, state, and federal) to promote CTAE Legislation.

Goal 2-By FY 26, create resources for CTAE teachers and administrators to support policy activism to deliver a consistent message about the importance of CTAE Programs. 


Pillar 3:  Public Relations


Goal 1-by FY 26, have an operational plan which includes promotion of GACTE and CTAE programs through a wide variety of sources.

Goal 2-by FY 26, have a well-developed Brand that includes collateral for Divisions/Affiliates, templates for Members, Membership Recognition, Communication Guides and a well-articulated Awards Program. 

Pillar 4:  Purposeful Unification


Goal 1-by FY 26, create a strategy, tool kit, and training for GACTE Members to use when working with Business and Industry and other stakeholders. 

Goal 2- by FY 26, create opportunities for each division/affiliate to recognize Business partners on an annual basis. 

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