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Teacher of the Year

Keio Gayden--DeKalb County


Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year

Brad Simmons


New Teacher of the Year

James Johnson--Fulton County

2020 GACTE Award Winners

These awards recognize excellence and dedication within the field of career and technical education among our association members. We seek to commemorate exceptional individuals who have contributed to the success of CTE through the quality of their work and their involvement in the CTE community.

The GACTE Awards Committee was chaired by Angela Rucker, Bethany Gilliam, and Alfreda Lewis.


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Career & Counseling Development

Kimberly Guy--Hall County

Administrator of the Year

Dwayne Hobbs--GADOE

Carl Perkins Community Service

Linda Minor--Gwinnett County


Awards Chair 

Awards Co-Chair

Awards Co-Chair

Awards Co-Chair

Dustin Davis

Susan Hall

Cheryl Deas

Alfreda Lewis

Administration/GCCTA - Division VP

Helen Malone

Administration/GCCTA - Awards Chair

Sabrina Phelps

Agriculture/GVATA - Division VP

Lonnie Giddens

Agriculture/GVATA - Awards Chair

Veronica Sanders

Business/GBEA - Division VP

Alex Collins

Business/GBEA - Awards Chair

Elnora Hill

CCD/Guidance - Division VP

Dr. Sheryl Nealy

CCD/Guidance - Awards Chair

Monica Crenshaw

Engineering/GAeTE - Division VP

Susan Hall

Engineering/GAeTE - Awards Chair

Lucretia Gant

Family CS/GATFACS - Division VP

Brittany Tolleson

Family CS/GATFACS - Awards Chair

Donna Kurdelmeier

Health/HSTEA - Division VP

Alfreda Lewis

Health/HSTEA - Awards Chair

Alfreda Lewis

Marketing/GMEA - Division VP

Walter Burgess

Marketing/GMEA - Awards Chair

Susan Mitchell

JROTC/Armed Forces - Division VP

Lt Col Paul Harwart

JROTC/Armed Forces - Awards Chair

Lt. Stephen Bergey

Special Pops/GACESNP - Division VP

Alonzo Raines

Special Pops/GACESNP - Awards Chair

Vanessa Stanley

ACCT/TIEGA - Division VP

Matthew White

ACCT/TIEGA - Awards Chair

Tammy Barnes

WBL/YAP - Division VP

Cheryl Deas

WBL/YAP - Awards Chair

Holli Howard

GACTE Member Awards Guidelines


The nominees will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Accomplishments and innovations that exhibit the quality of the candidate for the award
  • Contributions to the CTE community (can include activities within their institutions, communities, GACTE and ACTE and other organizations)

Awards Categories

GACTE Postsecondary Teacher of the Year GACTE Administrator of the Year GACTE New Teacher of the Year GACTE Teacher of the Year GACTE Career Guidance Award GACTE Carl Perkins Outstanding Service Award GACTE Policymaker of the Year Award

Awards Committee

The mission of the Awards committee is to ensure the recognition of outstanding achievements by individuals who have made extraordinary contributions to the career and technical education field, to programs that exemplify the highest standards and to organizations that have conducted activities to promote and expand career and technical education. The Awards Committee shall consist of one member from each of the GACTE divisions. Objectives:

  1. The Awards Committee is responsible for all awards or competitions sponsored by GACTE and ACTE.
  2. To develop and administer the annual awards program as set forth by the approved guidelines in Standard Operating Procedures below:

    The Board of Directors will approve the GACTE awards program and all GACTE award recipients. The categories are as follows:

    Teacher of the Year
    This award recognizes the finest career and technical teachers at the middle/secondary school level who have demonstrated innovation in the classroom, commitment to their students and dedication to the improvement of CTE in their institutions and communities.

    Administrator of the Year
    This award recognizes administrative CTE professionals at the school, district, county, state or federal level who have demonstrated leadership in ensuring teacher and student success and have made significant contributions toward innovative, unique and effective career and technical education programs.

    Postsecondary Teacher of the Year
    This award recognizes the finest career and technical teachers at the postsecondary level who have demonstrated innovation in the classroom, commitment to their students and dedication to the improvement of CTE in their institutions and communities.

    Career Guidance Award
    This award recognizes school counselors and career development professionals who have demonstrated commitment to connecting students with opportunities for success, shown innovation in career exploration and development, and have advocated for CTE as a viable option for all students.

    New Teacher of the Year
    This award recognizes new CTE teachers who have made significant contributions toward innovative and unique career and technical education programs and shown a professional commitment early in their careers.

    Teacher Educator of the Year
    This award recognizes teacher educators who have demonstrated innovation in teacher education, leadership in improving CTE, and commitment to preparing teachers to deliver high quality CTE programs.

    Carl Perkins Community Service Award
    This award recognizes individuals who have used CTE to make a significant impact on their community and demonstrated leadership in programs and activities that promote student involvement in community service.

    Award recipients may not ask for an honorarium to be paid for speaking engagements while representing GACTE during the year they serve as award winners. However, if an organization or other group offers to pay an honorarium to an individual recipient, it is permissible for the award recipient to accept such payments. The award recipient should request to be reimbursed by the host organization for all travel and related expenses incurred in conjunction with speaking engagements. If the GACTE Board makes the request of the individual, then the Executive Committee may make the decision to pay mileage and/or other travel expenses incurred if there is no other funding source.

    GACTE may accept paid sponsorship of some or all awards from outside organizations. If such sponsorship occurs, the names of all awards affected will be changed to incorporate the sponsoring company or organization’s name. The request would be made to the Executive Committee for consideration, and then voted on by the Board.

    The Executive Committee may approve recognition of a Georgia leader for special presentation with an appropriate plaque or certificate.
  3. The GACTE Awards committee will serve to identify and recommend to the Board of Directors new avenues for recognizing achievement in the profession and the association.

Awards Procedures

GACTE Awards Chair appointed by the GACTE President Committee members are all division VPs or their designated division representatives Committee members will be judges Each division should have an awards committee, headed by an awards chairperson. The make-up of the committee should be determined by the division. That committee should be responsible for selecting a Teacher of the Year, Postsecondary Teacher of the Year, Administrator of the Year, New Teacher of the Year, Teacher Educator of the Year, Carl Perkins Outstanding Service Award, and Career Guidance Award to represent the division in the GACTE competition.

Requirements and Procedures

For information on each award cagtegory, go to Requirements and questions for each award can be read if you click on ‘learn more about excellence awards.” Only ONE nominee from each division may compete at the GACTE level for each award. There are 12 divisions. Each division Awards Chair should make sure they submit a list of the nominees to the GACTE Awards Chair upon completion. Only one nominee for each category should be on this list. All nominees must upload their OWN information in the awards portal: We will forward the designated division winners to the GA portal for judging once we received the final list from each division. (May 1st). Awards Chair have the autonomy to handle it within their division. Angela Rucker ( should receive a DIVISION list of nominees with the appropriate category by May 1st so the voting can begin. An evaluation form adapted from the form used by the ACTE National Awards Committee will be used at the GACTE level to evaluate nominees. Nominees will be evaluated by GACTE Awards Committee members no later than June 1. Winners will be recognized at the annual GACTE Conference in July. The GACTE Awards Chair will upload the completed awards application packet via the ACTE awards portal for each nominee for competition at the Region II level according to the deadline and procedures specified on the ACTE website, An electronic copy will also be sent to the Region II Awards Chair.