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Meet Cindy Renee Quinlan

Platform Statement

As a CTAE classroom marketing and business education teacher of 18 years, along with serving as a Work-Based Learning Coordinator for the last decade, I have come to understand the importance and impact strong Career & Technical Education Programs have on the lives of our students. As Mark Perna says, “Education should be training for the future. It should have purpose...Education for education’s sake alone doesn’t do this.” Career and Technical Education IS essential training for the future, and in my time as a CTAE teacher, I have learned that our CTAE programs would not be where they are today without a strong GACTE presence at the local and state level that is willing to serve and advocate on the behalf of its members.

As candidate for GACTE President-Elect, I come to the table as an industry expert and innovator in the world of Career and Technical Education. Having previously served on the GACTE Board first as Marketing Vice-President and then on the Executive Board as Treasurer, I have first-hand involvement working on essential issues such as CTAE advocacy, member engagement, and strategic plans. On a national level, I have served as the 2016 ACTE National Teacher of the Year, promoted support for CTAE program legislation and funding multiple times on Capitol Hill to members of the United States Congress, and served as keynote and conference session speakers on a regular basis for the last decade. Since 2014, I have trained numerous teachers annually, both CTAE and core, on how to incorporate entrepreneurship into their subject area. This work has led me on an adventurous journey promoting CTAE throughout the world – including leading workshops in both Honduras in 2015 and Bulgaria in 2018.  I want to carry not only this experience into the office of president-elect, but also my passion for Career and Technical Education working on the front line as a classroom CTAE teacher.

I truly believe GACTE is an organization whose purpose is to support its members and serve as their voice to advocate, educate, and propagate new and existing CTAE programs that provide a pipeline to feed Georgia’s industry needs now and in the future. If I am elected, I will reach out to our members, listen to their needs, and take necessary action to be the voice for Georgia’s CTAE teachers across the state. I seek the office of GACTE President-Elect because I am ready and prepared to help lead GACTE in supporting and advocating for our members. I will work vigorously on your behalf to lead GACTE in a positive direction.

So please vote for me, Cindy Quinlan, to be your new GACTE President-Elect and together we can transform the future of Career and Technical Education in Georgia.

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