GACTE 2016-2021 Strategic Plan



The Georgia Association for Career and Technical Education (GACTE) has experienced a rich history of service that spans nearly a century. The strategic plan for GACTE is closely aligned to the mission and principles defined by the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) while being tailored and refined to meet the local and regional needs of Career, Technical, and Agricultural Educators as well as the ever-evolving needs of workforce development. Just as GACTE has become the touchstone for Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education throughout the years that many other state associations turn to as a guide and template to build from the members understand the association’s value as well. Beginning at the state level conference and throughout the twelve different individual affiliate organizations members are afforded firstrate professional development opportunities that are designed to enhance and enrich their classroom experience. Just as important to Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education is the advocacy that GACTE provides. This starts at the local level and intertwines its way through state and federal channels providing policy awareness and program advocacy. From the Executive Director to the classroom teacher GACTE has maintained a high standard in being one of the largest and most prominent Career and Technical Associations in the country. The level of excellence that the association has realized for nearly a century is due to the concerted efforts of teachers, administrators, business leaders, and legislators. If we are to continue this successful journey the strategic plan must be re-visited, refined, and implemented to adequately align to the ever-changing nature of career and technical education and workforce development demands. This will only be accomplished as long as dedicated, driven individuals continue to give of themselves remaining focused on the mission and dedicated to the principles GACTE was founded on.