2020 Nominations


Bethany Gilliam

GACTE President-Elect Platform Statement


I am the result of successful CTAE programs and passionate CTAE teachers. I am thankful for the opportunities I had in high school to expose me to what would be my future career; I can truly say that CTAE does deliver. Throughout my high school career, I was able to take seven FCS classes and participate in Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. Being a part of those CTAE classes helped me to realize my passion and ultimately go to school to become an FCS teacher. Now I have the honor of helping students do the same thing through various CTAE courses. I am a proud Family and Consumer Sciences Education teacher, I have worked in two schools teaching three pathways and I have served on the GATFACS and GACTE board in official capacities for two years; prior to that I served as a GATFACS committee member for four years. One of my passions is helping fellow teachers and through GACTE I have had the opportunity to help CTAE educators across the state. If I am elected as president-elect I will continue to work diligently to provide professional development, support, and a professional face for CTAE in Georgia. I truly believe that Georgia has the best CTAE program in the country and part of that is due to the hard work of the GACTE board. As president-elect I will strive to continue this tradition and ensure that #CTAEdelivers for years to come.

Scott Quinlan

GACTE Treasurer Platform Statement


As an above average student with below average performance, I struggled to find a purpose in school. Like many of the students I now serve, I presented my teachers with unnecessary challenges. Just to give some perspective on the matter, the last two months of my senior year, I attended school 6 days a week, not by choice. As a matter of fact, if karma is a real and natural force, then I really shouldn’t be a teacher. I was not a model student. I acted out for attention and really enjoyed being the class clown.  Of course this was years before career tech was an integral part of high school curriculums. So what changed? What possible explanation is there for a student, who appeared to hate school, to want to become a teacher?


It all started after I enrolled into culinary school. I finally found my purpose and a reason to pay attention in class. The realization that learning, especially relevant and meaningful learning, could be fun was a revelation of epic proportions. I knew someday that I wanted to give the same experience to students who are just like me. In 2003, I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Johnson & Wales University with an Associates in Applied Science for Culinary Arts. That experience helped me grow and provided the perfect opportunity for me to realize that I can achieve any goal if I put in the effort. I wanted to make a difference and be the motivator for someone in their life. I chose to become a culinary professional with the knowledge and desire to one day return to the classroom in a teaching capacity. I knew there was something more important in store for my career. Therefore, when the opportunity to get into the classroom presented itself, I did not hesitate and jumped on board with both feet. That decision is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.


The impactful significance of culinary school, my shortcomings as a student, and my experience as a chef provide me with the knowledge and motivation to reach those students who seemed to lack direction, just like me. When I started this journey, my focus was to identify students who are unsure of their future and to help them find their path in life. Developing hard skills and knowledge is still very important and creating well-rounded students who are prepared for the future is still my ultimate goal but, I feel that now my mission as a career tech teacher is to reach a broader audience. As GACTE Treasurer, I look forward to promoting GACTE’s mission, supporting fellow GACTE members, and advocate for Career Tech education.

Executive Board

Nominations & Qualifications

GACTE Executive Board

The Executive Board, consisting of the President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer, is elected by the GACTE membership.

  • President

  • President-Elect (yearly)

  • Past President

  • Secretary (expires 2021)

  • Treasurer (expires 2020)

(Note: In 2020, President-Elect and Treasurer will be open for election.)


And Vice Presidents from the following divisions:

  • Administration

  • Agricultural Education

  • Trade & Industrial Education

  • Business Education

  • Engineering and Technology Education

  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education

  • Guidance & Career Development

  • Healthcare Science Technology Education

  • Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps

  • Marketing Education

  • Special Populations

  • Work-Based Learning/Youth Apprenticeship


Each division may nominate a candidate for the office of president-elect and secretary except for a division having a member currently serving in that office on the Executive Committee.  In 2020, the candidate for President Elect cannot come from the JROTC division.  Individuals from the following membership classifications shall be considered eligible for voting and serving as officers:

  • Professional Member

  • Life Member

Members choosing dual affiliations may hold office representing only their primary division. Members holding dual division membership shall have only one vote in matters pertaining to the Association.

The following membership classification is eligible to run for office:

  • Professional Member

2020 Nomination Form


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