Executive Board

Nominations & Qualifications

GACTE Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, consisting of the President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer, is elected by the GACTE membership.

  • President

  • President-Elect (yearly)

  • Past President

  • Secretary (expires 2021)

  • Treasurer (expires 2023)

(Note: In 2021, President-Elect and Secretary will be open for election.)


And Vice Presidents from the following divisions:

  • Administration

  • Agricultural Education

  • Business Education

  • Counseling and Career Development

  • Engineering and Technology Education

  • Family and Consumer Sciences Education

  • Healthcare Science Technology Education

  • Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC)

  • Marketing Education

  • Special Populations

  • Trade and Industrial Education

  • Work-Based Learning/Youth Apprenticeship Program


Each division may nominate a candidate for the office of president-elect and secretary except for a division having a member currently serving in that office on the Executive Committee.  In 2021, the candidate for President Elect cannot come from the Family and Consumer Sciences Division.  Individuals from the following membership classifications shall be considered eligible for voting and serving as officers:

  • Professional Member

  • Life Member

Members choosing dual affiliations may hold office representing only their primary division. Members holding dual division membership shall have only one vote in matters pertaining to the Association.

The following membership classification is eligible to run for office:

  • Professional Member

Qualifications for Officers

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2021 Nomination Form


Need Information on GACTE?

Contact Jody Reeves, Executive Director, jody.reeves@gacte.org

GACTE is a state affiliate of ACTE, the Association for Career and Technical Education

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