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2024 Georgia ACTE Candidates for Secretary & President Elect

Georgia ACTE Candidates for Secretary

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Philip Manning
Business Education Division

Now is as good a time as ever to be in CTAE. Business and Industry as well as government leaders are finally seeing the value that our programs bring to their local communities and their economies. That said, I feel like the public is still uninformed/misinformed about what we do and what we offer. My mission would be to collaborate with CTAE teachers in every corner of the state to create unique opportunities to share our successes with our communities with a grassroots movement. We need to meet our communities where we are and sometimes a regional approach may be better than a one-size fits all statewide approach. As someone who grew up in South Georgia but now resides in Northeast Georgia, the way I could most effectively deliver a message in Athens might be a little different than the way I would do it back in Fitzgerald, even though the overall core of the message would be the same. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

As a member of the 23-24 LEAD CTAE class, my perspective on serving in leadership positions on a larger scale has changed dramatically. I’ve always felt I had decent leadership knowledge and experience, but it just “wasn’t my turn” within these professional organizations with so many outstanding members. I’ve since realized that it will never be my turn if I don’t pursue a position.

As indicated on my resume, I have served on boards before, and I am familiar with the intricacies and parliamentary procedures that go along with that service. More importantly, I feel like I possess a great combination of experience and youth that can bring some fresh ideas and perspectives to the table and help to represent a new generation of CTAE teachers. I would be honored to serve.






Denisia Pope
Healthcare Science Division

As an enthusiastic and dedicated CTAE educator with a steadfast commitment to advancing Georgia CTAE, I am eager to contribute to the continued success and growth of the association. My platform centers on five core principles essential for fostering excellence, collaboration, and innovation within Georgia CTAE: effective communication & transparency, organizational efficiency & modernization, advocacy & representation, professional development & support, and collaboration & partnership. I am extremely passionate about the mission and vision of the Georgia Association for Career and Technical Education. If elected as secretary, I pledge to serve with integrity, dedication, and a relentless commitment to advancing the collective interests of Georgia CTAE educators, students, and stakeholders.

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Georgia ACTE Candidate for President Elect

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Dr. Stephen Bergey

JROTC Division

Esteemed Members of GACTE,

It is with great enthusiasm and honor that I announce my candidacy for President-Elect of our prestigious Georgia Association for Career & Technical Education. As a dedicated career and technical educator with over 5 years of experience, I have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of CTE programs in shaping the lives of our students and equipping them with the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving workforce.

My vision for GACTE is rooted in three core pillars: advocacy, innovation, and collaboration.

Advocacy: I believe that we must be unwavering advocates for the advancement and funding of CTE programs across our great state. By raising awareness of the immense value CTE brings to our communities, we can ensure that our students have access to cutting-edge resources, industry-relevant curricula, and state-of-the-art facilities. I will work tirelessly to forge strong partnerships with policymakers, industry leaders, and community stakeholders to champion the cause of CTE and secure the support our programs rightfully deserve.

Innovation: In a rapidly changing world, it is imperative that our CTE programs remain at the forefront of technological advancements and industry trends. As President-Elect, I will prioritize the integration of innovative teaching methodologies, such as project-based learning, work-based learning, and the seamless incorporation of emerging technologies. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation, we can ensure that our students are equipped with the most relevant and future-proof skillsets, positioning them for success in the dynamic job market.

Collaboration: The strength of our association lies in the collective wisdom and experience of our members. I will actively promote collaboration among CTE educators, administrators, industry partners, and stakeholders across Georgia. By facilitating the exchange of best practices, curriculum resources, and professional development opportunities, we can create a vibrant network of support and knowledge-sharing. Together, we can elevate the quality of

CTE instruction, enhance student outcomings, and collectively shape the future of career and technical education in our state.

As your President-Elect, I will be a tireless advocate, a champion of innovation, and a catalyst for collaboration. With your support, we can propel GACTE to new heights, ensuring that our students receive the highest quality career and technical education, empowering them to succeed in their chosen paths and contribute meaningfully to the growth and prosperity of our communities.

I humbly ask for your vote and your partnership in this exciting journey. Together, we can shape the future of CTE and make a lasting impact on the lives of countless students.

Thank you for your consideration.

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